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This website has served as my online portfolio for contract & independent employment as a web designer in the Boston area. And it still features pages that highlight my skill set which includes: HTML & CSS; Photoshop; Search Engine Optimization; Flash; and other acquired webmaster skills. It's served its purpose well and lead to many contract employment positions and projects that matched my skill set well.

Partly based on the number of inquiries I receive from recruiters - indicating demand for people with web design skills here in Eastern Massachusetts - I've broadened the scope of ejhweb.com to include resources with a directory for web designers to post links to their websites and a web design job board.

Attention Boston Area Web Designers!

EJH Web is now home to a directory of web design professionals. You may post a search engine-friendly link to your online resumé or portfolio for free if you fit in one of the following job categories (or suggest a new one) and are available for assignments in the Greater Boston / Eastern Massachusetts area:

New: View current web design jobs in the Boston area.

Ever been on the job and run across a CSS bug, Flash function that you didn't know how to implement, or other problem that you couldn't tackle right away? I'm considering addition of a knowledge base or forum where web designers can can share solutions in a timely manner and help each other out. If you're interested in participating contact me

New on the site: See examples of CSS Sprites